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For over 30 years attorney Mark Streed has effectively served his clients as lawyer advocate, trusted adviser and counselor. Mark understands that many clients are going through what may be the most emotionally challenging and confusing times of their lives. Recognizing this he tries to balance the need for compassion, empathy and counsel with the need to step up and be an aggressive, effective advocate. Mark goes to battle for countless people injured in car accidents and semi-tractor/trailer collisions; senior citizens injured or killed due to neglect by nursing homes and assisted living facilities; and workers injured in accidents at construction or job sites. He has represented clients with injuries as serious as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury or severe orthopedic injury, as well as those with less severe injuries who have also been harmed and suffered losses.

Mark also pursues premise liability claims against bars and restaurants and other property owners for their failure to ensure their premises are free from hazards and defects that could cause harm to others. In courtrooms across Minnesota and Wisconsin, Mark has aggressively pursued and won claims for his clients, won successful jury verdicts and negotiated settlements that have truly made a positive difference in their lives. A Certified Civil Trial Specialist, as recognized by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (1999) and Minnesota State Bar (1995), he has successfully taken cases before the Minnesota Supreme Court to advocate for changes in the law that would benefit his clients and many other personal injury victims. Mark is the fifth Meshbesher & Spence lawyer to serve as President of the Minnesota Association for Justice and is also a member of the invitation-only American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA).

When he’s not “lawyering”, Mark and his wife, Mary, enjoy watching their three children participate in various high school and college activities and participating in family travel. Mark has enjoyed volunteering as a church school teacher and youth sports coach. He has also chaired the Eagan Foundation Board, the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce Board and two Eagan High School Booster Clubs (Swim & Dive and Basketball Boosters).


1985 Minnesota
1985 U.S. District Court (MN)
1998 Wisconsin


JD 1985, University of Minnesota
BA 1982, Concordia College – Moorhead (cum laude)

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Mark’s Notable Cases

Car Crash Injuries Force Woman to Shut Down Her Business of 20+ Years

Streed’s client had no choice but to take her case to trial when she was only offered $35,000 on her car crash case—where her injuries included a herniated cervical disc that required surgery and caused her to close down the child day-care business she had operated for 20+ years– largely because the defendant driver (whose vehicle caused the rear-end collision) claimed Streed’s client could not possibly have been injured because the collision (or “tap” as the defendant called it) did not cause any structural damage to her vehicle.  Medical issues were hotly contested as was just about every aspect of the case.  In addition, several months before this trial, Streed’s client was involved in a subsequent crash, where her vehicle was totaled out. After a week long trial in Washington County a jury returned a verdict that resulted in a final judgement, after taxing costs and interest, of over $300,000 in favor of Streed’s client.

Hair Stylist Injured on Ice Outside Salon

Streed represented a hair salon stylist who slipped on an accumulation of glare ice outside the building where she worked.  Her ankle bones were shattered and dislocated and the surgery to repair the many fractures was very complicated.  She was unable to return to work for nearly a full year.  The building owner initially denied any responsibility claiming the walkway had been fully cleared and salted before the light dusting of snow fell (and covered up the glare ice).  Streed was able to locate security video from a camera mounted outside the building that clearly showed the building owner’s maintenance crew had NOT done anything to address the unnatural accumulation of dangerous ice which created a dangerous hidden hazard which is what his client encountered when she walked onto the walkway that day.  Litigation led to a settlement of over $250,000 for Streed’s client.

93 Year Old Dies from Car Crash Complications

Streed represented the family of an amazing and unique 93 year old matriarch who died from complications of a crushed sternum and fractured ribs caused by a car crash.  Working with this amazing family and a highly skilled videographer, Streed created a 9 minute video that brought the message home to the responsible insurance company:  This was an active, bright, engaged and energetic woman who, despite her age, was still giving much to her adult children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  The ultimate wrongful death settlement was several times more than what is typically seen for a such a senior citizen’s death case largely due to the affect of the video presentation.

Central Minnesota woman injured while attending college in Wisconsin

Being admitted to practice law in both Minnesota and Wisconsin helps Mark Streed represent client’s like this college student (and her parents) who found herself struggling with many injuries and issues after being hit by a car while she was crossing a street in an icy pedestrian crosswalk in Madison, WI. Streed was able to help the young lady get her bills paid, wage loss reimbursed and achieve a favorable final settlement, compensating her for the ways she had been harmed, by utilizing the more favorable aspects of WI and MN law and minimizing the the potentially unfavorable aspects of the two state’s laws.

82 Year Old Woman Dies in Grocery Store Entryway Due to Negligent Display Practices

Mark Streed represented the family of their 82 year old mother and grandmother who was caused to trip, fall and land on her head in the vestibule of a large grocery store. Investigation and depositions revealed the elderly woman had just entered the store’s foyer and was getting her bearings as her eyes adjusted from the bright sunshine to the indoor light. As she took her…

Defective Design of a Parking Ramp: Lack of Posted Overhead Height Restrictions

Meshbesher and Spence lawyer, Mark Streed represented the family of their beloved and still vibrant 100-year-old mother and grandmother, who suffered traumatic injuries when the roof of the van she was in crashed into the overhead beam of a parking ramp. The ramp’s overhead cement beam was only 6’ 11” high (and the van was 7’ 6” in height). The crash threw the 100-year-old…

Twin Cities Schoolteacher Struck by Inattentive Driver

A Twin Cities area schoolteacher was driving to her daughter’s soccer game, when an inattentive driver, traveling at 50 mph, crashed into a third vehicle causing that vehicle to be propelled directly into the teacher’s lane of travel. The subsequent head-on collision crushed the teacher’s car to the point emergency personnel required the “jaws of life” to extricate her fro…

Farm Family Compensated for Wrongful Death of Father

In western Minnesota, Meshbesher & Spence attorney Mark Streed represented a Sibley County farm wife and mother of two children whose husband/father had been killed in a collision involving a semi-tractor trailer. The resulting wrongful death verdict against the semi driver and his insurance company was the largest verdict in that county’s history and made a significant difference in the family’s ability to continue to farm.

75 year Old Man Dies After Slip at Major Fast-Food Restaurant Franchise

A 75-year-old man slipped on a hidden and dangerous condition outside of a major fast-food franchise and fell on his head and neck, sustaining traumatic brain and spine damage that caused his death. The man’s family retained Mr. Streed to pursue the nationally known restaurant chain for their negligence. The restaurant denied any responsibility for the incident…

National Retail Store Learns its Lesson: Hang your display frames securely

When a 45 year old nurse was shopping at a major retail clothier with her teenaged daughter, she was suddenly, with no warning, knocked in the head by a hard blow that snapped her neck back. The blow was delivered by a 27 pound wooden frame that had tipped over and fallen from a display shelf….

Woman Suffers From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) After Seeing Her 4-year-old Hit By Car

A mother experienced the terror of seeing a speeding, out of control car careening directly at her while she waited for her 4-year-old son to walk to her. She was momentarily relieved when the vehicle suddenly swerved away, but then witnessed what no parent should ever see: the vehicle hit her young son and sent him flying through the air and into a ditch. When she came to his bloodied body she believed he was dead…

College Student Fights Denied Medical Claims (Lapse in Treatment)

A full time college student who also worked more than 20 hours per week was in a car accident and sustained injuries. Even though she received medical treatment for a few months following a car accident, she learned to deal with her injuries on her own…

Hit and Run Accident Leaves Young Man with Serious Hip Injuries

A 22-year-old passenger in an insured vehicle that was violently hit by a hit and run driver suffered a shattered hip. His injuries required surgery to piece the hip joint back together, causing him to miss 6 months of work. After other lawyers unsuccessfully tried to identify the hit and run driver and find insurance coverage, they dropped his case…

8-year-old Boy Struck by Vehicle

Meshbesher & Spence attorney Mark Streed helped the mother of an eight year old boy, who was killed while crossing a busy street, overcome an insurance company’s opinion that the boy had “darted out” and was completely at fault. The Ramsey County jury concluded the driver of the car, not the little boy, was primarily at fault and awarded Mr. Streed’s client damages in excess of the insurance company’s policy limits.

Illegal Sales By Bars Leads to Dram Shop Recovery

Streed’s client was out drinking with friends at two rural MN bars. The bars kept serving alcohol to the men as one of them had identified himself as the “sober driver”. The bars proceeded to over serve their customers to the point where they were obviously intoxicated, a violation of a bar’s legal duty. The bar employees were not too concerned with this violation of MN’s liquor liability law because they assumed the sober driver would be driving the men all night long. They assumed wrong; eventually the sober driver went home and one of the drunken men drove and caused a rollover crash that resulted in serious injuries to his passenger, Streed’s client….

Man Injured by Employee of Construction Company

In this case, the “at fault” company (an employee of this company caused a worker’s injuries on a bridge construction project) claimed that under Minnesota law they were not responsible for paying any compensation because they were working as a “common enterprise” with the injured party’s employer. They therefore claimed that the injured worker was limited only to worker’s compensation benefits…

Pedestrian Hit by School Bus Needs Leg Amputation

A 67-year-old’s leg was amputated after being hit by a school bus. Aggressive, early investigation and effective use of the bus company’s own business records as key evidence, helped Mark Streed’s client achieve an award well in excess of $1M from the bus company for its negligent training/supervision and for the negligence of its bus driver.

AC Serviceman Attacked By Homeowner’s Pit Bulls

Mr. Streed’s client was responding to a family’s request that he service/fix their AC unit during a heat wave. The service technician responded quickly as he knew the family has several young children and some elderly family members, all of whom were suffering from the stifling temperatures. The homeowner did not communicate to other family members that the technician was to arrive within the hour. The tech, who was familiar with the home, but who had no idea the family had pit bulls, was savagely attacked as he stepped outside to finish working on the AC unit….

Semi-Truck Accident Leaves 26 Year Old Man with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Mr. Streed represented a 26-year-old rural Minnesota man whose vehicle was demolished by an out-of-control semi-truck. The man suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him comatose for over a week. The man’s tremendous physical and mental strength and great work ethic enabled him to regain most of his pre-trauma capabilities after working hard with his excellent doctors and therapists for over a year.

Man Seriously Injured by Defective Ladder

As a favor to a friend, a man agreed to paint some of the rooms inside the friend’s home. The friend and his wife provided the materials, including a ladder. While the man was using the ladder, it suddenly collapsed and “scissored” his ankle in such a way that it broke all the ankle bones and nearly severed the foot…

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