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8 Steps To Take If You Are In A Car Accident

Safety is first and foremost. Turn on your vehicle’s hazard lights and get to a safe place. If your vehicle is driveable, carefully move it out of traffic.

How To Keep Safe On The Road This Holiday Season

Millions of drivers will hit the road this Holiday Season. The high traffic and holiday season present an increased risk for car accidents. If you’re venturing out for the holiday, take these tips to heart and keep you and your family safe on the road.

Tips For Keeping Safe At Home Over The Holidays

The season of celebration is here. But the most wonderful time of the year comes with some extra considerations for in and around your home.

Holiday Gathering Liabilities – How To Prepare Your Home For Guests

While hosting a celebration is a fun way to bring friends and family together, party hosts may be liable if an accident or injury occurs. Here are some FAQs on how to keep you and your guests safe during the season.

What you need to know about hand-free Driving.

It’s been just over a month since Minnesota introduced the new hand-free law. Here is a friendly reminder of what is allowed and some ways you can ‘hands-free’.

Personal Injury 101

Serious injuries are life-changing. When you or someone you love experiences an unfortunate injury, it can result in severe physical, emotional, and financial consequences. However, in this darkness a personal injury lawyer can help you navigate your situation and ensure you’re getting the care and compensation you need.

You’ve been in a car accident. Now what?

While these represent positive steps in reducing the amount of car accidents on Minnesota roads, the fact remains that accidents do and will happen. If you find yourself in a car accident, you need to know what to do.

Car Crash Injuries Force Woman to Shut Down Her Business of 20+ Years

Streed’s client had no choice but to take her case to trial when she was only offered $35,000 on her car crash case—where her injuries included a herniated cervical disc that required surgery and caused her to close down the child day-care business she had operated for 20+ years– largely because the defendant driver (whose vehicle caused the rear-end collision) claimed Streed’s client could not possibly have been injured because the collision (or “tap” as the defendant called it) did not cause any structural damage to her vehicle.  Medical issues were hotly contested as was just about every aspect of the case.  In addition, several months before this trial, Streed’s client was involved in a subsequent crash, where her vehicle was totaled out. After a week long trial in Washington County a jury returned a verdict that resulted in a final judgement, after taxing costs and interest, of over $300,000 in favor of Streed’s client.

Honors and Awards

As a top priority to be an informed advocate for our clients, we are constantly engaging in continuing education and networks founded in best practices, yet pushing for future progress. To be recognized for the work we do on behalf of our clients is an unmatched honor. Thank you to the legal community and our peers for your recognition and support.