What to do when you’re in a car accident Now What? Car crash basics

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What to do when you’re in a car accident Now What? Car crash basics

No matter how seasoned the driver, were are all at risk for car accidents once we get on the road. According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, in 2014, there were over 78,000 car crashes and 361 fatalities on Minnesota roads. While we all agree it’s best to try and avoid an accident through safe driving techniques, if you do find yourself in a car crash you need know what to do.
Here are some basics to remember if you end up in an accident.
Turn on your hazard lights
Check to see if anyone in your vehicle has sustained injuries. If so, call for help.
If it is safe to exit your vehicle, do so and then check to see that driver and passengers in the other vehicle(s) are unharmed.
Again, contact emergency services if anyone is injured.

Avoid Conflict with the other driver or passengers. Accidents can make people overly emotional, if they become agitated, verbally or physically abusive, walk away.
Call the police to report the accident and have a report taken. Doing so will provide insurers, investigators and lawyers with the facts while they are still fresh.
Be sure to take photos and notes of the accident scene. Note exactly what happened, as you recall it, including the time date and weather conditions. Then exchange license, insurance and plate information of the car(s) involved.
Gather any witnesses, getting names, addresses and telephone numbers should further investigation prove necessary.
Is your vehicle still mobile? If so, carefully move your vehicle out of traffic patterns and off to the nearest shoulder, curb or parking lot.

Don’t discuss the accident, from your perspective, with other drivers or witnesses. Never admit liability, as any comments or admissions made at the scene may be used against you later.
Stay at the scene of the accident until the police arrive and release you to go.

Call a qualified personal injury attorney, if you are injured or the damage to your vehicle is extensive, for a consultation. Don’t delay in seeking legal advice. Cases are stronger when an attorney is involved early. Call and speak with one now: 1-888-728-9866.